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The MRGO Bridge: Getting Closer to Repairs and Painting

DOTD believes that it is realistic that the maintenance and repair contract on the Green Bridge will be let before the end of 2022.

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Zulli

Contributed by the Office of State Representative Ray Garofalo

After recently meeting with DOTD officials, State Representative Ray Garofalo was informed the contract to perform maintenance and repairs to the LA 47 MRGO Bridge is finally getting closer to becoming a reality. 

The contract was originally scheduled to be let next March, but Garofalo said based on the inspection and planning work completed thus far, it is unlikely that this date will be met. However, DOTD believes that it is realistic the contract will be let before the end of 2022.

When the work is finally underway, Garofalo explained he specifically requested the contract require the contractor to keep one lane open in each direction during the work. The only exception to this will be that if one of the steel beams that spans the entire width of the bridge has to be replaced (and at least one requires replacement), then the contractor will be allowed to fully close the bridge, but only on weekends, and with significant advance notice to the public.

Garofalo acknowledged what everyone really wants to know is what color will the bridge be painted? 

“As of right now the decision on paint color is green,” Garofalo said.  However, he cautions there is one caveat, that being if the green paint is determined not to be as resilient as some other color, such as gray, then that decision may be overridden. 

“While I am strongly in favor of resiliency, I will continue to push for green,” Garofalo said.

DOTD will provide updates through 2022 to inform the public on the status of the project.

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