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The Deepwater Horizon Regionwide Trustee Implementation Group Proposes Funding Two New Coastal Restoration Projects in St. Bernard Parish

Contributed by St. Bernard Parish Government

The Deepwater Horizon Regionwide Trustee Implementation Group (TIG), which oversees Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) funding on behalf of the Gulf Coast region, is seeking public input on their first post-settlement draft restoration plan.

The plan includes two critical projects in St. Bernard Parish: Conservation and Enhancement of Nesting and Foraging Habitat for Birds – Component 1: Chandeleur Islands, La. The Regionwide TIG is proposing to allocate $8 million for the purpose of evaluating design alternatives, completing engineering/design and permitting, and preparing construction bid documents for the preferred design alternative. The scope of work will include the dredging and placement of sediment in critical areas along the Chandeleur Islands.

Oysters Alternative 1: Improving Resilience for Oysters by Linking Brood Reefs and Sink Reefs (Large-scale) (Biloxi Marsh, La.). The Regionwide TIG is proposing to allocate $35.8 million for the purpose of constructing 30 acres of oyster reef at five locations across the Gulf Coast region, including the Biloxi Marsh. Initial project planning activities would investigate substrate at these sites for feasibility, targeting hard sediment and historic reefs. The construction of the reefs would utilize high-relief materials, such as reef balls. If spat recruitment appears to be low, spat from the oyster hatchery in Grand Isle may also be introduced at the sites. All constructed reefs would be closed to harvesting.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gulfspillrestoration.noaa.gov/2021/03/nearly-100-million-proposed-restore-gulf-wide-resources

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