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St. Bernard Youth Karate Program Emphasizes Character Building and Self-Improvement

Sensei Bryan Oliver working with a group of young students.

St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program

By Sensei Darrell Goodyear

St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program has been offering the highest level of karate training since 1983. The group was founded by and is under the direction of Sensei Darrell Goodyear and has helped thousands achieve the benefits of martial arts training over the past 53 years. The St. Bernard Youth Karate Program teaches Shotokan Karate with an emphasis on character development. The instructors are experienced, highly qualified, and internationally certified. The St. Bernard Youth Karate Program offers a world class program.


St. Bernard Youth Karate Program is a 501(C3) organization dedicated to the development, promotion, and preservation of traditional karate. The group believes that karate is much more than a self-defense tool. The ultimate aim of karate is a lifelong pursuit of betterment and self- improvement. The St. Bernard Youth Karate Program provides karate training and mentorship through the group’s Scholarship/Tuition assistance program for ages 9 – 12. Providing opportunities for children who otherwise may not be able to experience karate training due to inadequate resources.   


Karate is a very beneficial activity for children. Martial arts training combines the best of fitness, and self-defense training, while reinforcing traditional values. Karate may help improve academic grades due to increased mental focus. Mastering a martial art cannot be done overnight. It requires discipline and dedication. Achieving a high level in martial arts is a worthwhile goal that once achieved the student will reap the benefits of for the rest of their life. It is a goal setting achievement activity like no other


Sensei Darrell Goodyear: Sensei Darrell Goodyear is a certified 7th degree black belt with 53 years of experience training in and teaching martial arts. He has been instructing for more than 50 years. He started training in 1969 at the age of 11. Sensei Goodyear received his first degree black belt in 1974 from the Japan Karate Association. Sensei Goodyear is a former vice-president for the USA-National Karate-do Federation. The USA-NKF is the National Governing Body for karate in the U.S. and the only organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee. Today Sensei Goodyear continues to teach daily classes and numerous clinics on self-defense, rape prevention and traditional karate.

Sensei Bryan Oliver: Sensei Bryan Oliver is an internationally certified fifth degree black belt and has been training for 27 years and instructing for over 23 years. Sensei Oliver is a former national karate champion. Sensei Oliver has represented the U.S. in international competition as a member of the United States National Team.

Sensei Benny Harrell: Sensei Benny Harrell is a Lifelong martial artist with over 40 years’ experience. Sensei Harrell is a fifth Degree Black Belt. He enjoys working with young people to achieve their goals. Sensei Harrell is a senior advisor to the program.

The St. Bernard Youth Karate Program has tuition assistance and scholarships available. You can contact them for an appointment at 504-884-9392. Web Site: karatescholarships.com.

Instructors of St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program Right to left- Sensei Benny Harrell, Bryan Oliver, Sensei Darrell Goodyear.

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