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St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program ‘A Tradition of Excellence’

Photos Courtesy of St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program

Youth Leadership Program/ Instructor Internship Program Members (Back Row, l-r): Sensei Bryan Oliver, Sensei Darrell Goodyear, and Sensei Nicholas Butrchaell. (Front Row, l-r): Jayden White, Nicolas Borges, Lucas Molina, Najeeha Kahla, and Vincent Molina.

By Nicholas Burtchaell

Little did Sensei Darrell Goodyear know when he asked his father for karate lessons for his 11th birthday in 1969 that it would start a lifelong journey of studying martial arts.

He opened his first dojo (training hall) in St. Bernard Parish in 1983, and he has been teaching traditional karate since then. His accomplishments include being a former vice-president for the USA National Karate-do Federation, which is the National Governing Body, and is the only karate organization recognized by United States Olympic Committee, Assistant National Director for USA Grassroots Karate, and was inducted in 2013 to the Master’s Hall of Fame in Long Beach, Calif., for his contributions to American karate.

Now, with over 50 years of experience, and almost 40 years of presence in St. Bernard Parish, Sensei Goodyear and his staff would like to announce the new location of their dojo. The St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program is now located at 1107 LeBeau St. in Arabi 70032.

The dojo has a traditional feel combined with state-of-the-art equipment and modern training methods. It is a dojo that provides a true martial arts experience in a world class program and is designed around putting cultivation of mind and body at the forefront.

The St. Bernard Shotokan Karate staff includes Sensei Bryan Oliver who has more than 27 years’ experience in karate and is a former national karate champion and U.S. National Team member.

Sensei Benny Harrell is a lifelong martial artist with more than 36 years’ experience with an emphasis on self defense and enjoys working with the Jo (short staff) and is always willing to work with students to help them reach their goals.

Sensei Nicholas Burtchaell has been training in our dojo for more than seven years and is a 1st degree blackbelt. He completed our instructor training program more than two years ago. Sensei Nick is a very dynamic instructor excellent with both youth and adult students. Sensei Nick is preparing and has been preparing for his 2nd degree blackbelt test and will be testing in before the end of the year.

The St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program provides age-appropriate programs for children, teens and adults ages five years and up with morning and evening programs available. Persons who are interested in contacting St. Bernard Shotokan Karate Program can do so by calling 504-884-9392 or visiting them on their website www.sbskarate.com.

Instructors offering students correction on their form and technique.

Students learning advance self-defense.

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