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St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office to Participate in ‘Click It or Ticket’ Campaign“Click It or Ticket” will Beginning Monday, May 23 through Sunday, June 5.

“Click It or Ticket” will Beginning Monday, May 23 through Sunday, June 5.

Photo Courtesy of S.B.S.O.

The St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office is participating in the “Click It or Ticket” National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization campaign to highlight the dangers of motorists not wearing seat belts, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.  

Beginning Monday, May 23 through Sunday, June 5, deputies will be taking to parish streets and highways to participate in the campaign, which is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission. 

Seat belts have been proven to be one of the best ways to save someone’s life in a crash, yet many drivers, as well as passengers, don’t buckle up. The “Click It or Ticket” campaign focuses on safety education, strong laws and law enforcement officers saving lives.

Sheriff Pohlmann, who is a member of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, representing the 1st Congressional District, feels campaigns such as this one are an important tool for the Sheriff’s Office.

“These types of programs promote safety on our state roads and highway systems,’’ the Sheriff said. “Too many people are needlessly killed or injured each year in traffic accidents.”

According to the LHSC, a first-offense ticket for not wearing a seat belt is $50, while subsequent tickets are $75 each.

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