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St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Tax Millage to Continue

From St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office

In 2013, the voters of St. Bernard Parish approved a millage tax (15 mills) for the purpose of providing additional funding for the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office. This millage is set to expire in 2023, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

On Oct. 9, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office will seek a continuation of that millage to provide a portion of the funds needed to preserve the efficient operation of the office.

“It’s important for residents to understand this is not a new tax, ” Sheriff Pohlmann said. “The continuation of this millage will allow us to keep receiving necessary funding resources that are imperative to our ability to keep St. Bernard safe.”

In addition to funding salaries and necessary equipment such as motor vehicles and their related costs, the Sheriff said, the millage has allowed the Sheriff’s Office to purchase and deploy body cameras for deputies and patrol cars, special operations and rescue vehicles.

It also has allowed for the continued growth and maintenance of automated license plate readers, which are located at the parish lines and in key areas throughout the jurisdiction.

The Sheriff said funding for these technology tools is crucial for fighting crime in St. Bernard Parish and remaining one of the areas with the lowest violent crime and overall crime rate in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

“As violent crime has soared throughout the region, the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office has used these funds collected to avoid crime spikes in St. Bernard and enhance our ability to not only deploy an appropriate number of well-trained deputies, but also provide them with the tools and equipment necessary to ensure the continued safety of our residents,” Sheriff Pohlmann said.

Sheriff Pohlmann thanks the citizens of St. Bernard Parish for their continued support.

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