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Sheriff’s Office Reminds Property Owners to Clearly Display Addresses

The official address of the home or business must be clearly displayed and visible from the road.

From St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office

According to a St. Bernard Parish Government ordinance, property owners are required to ensure the official address of their home or business is clearly displayed and visible from the road. 

While the need for addresses to be posted is obvious for services like mail and package deliveries and utility repair crews, St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann wants to remind residents of the importance of a clearly displayed address in the event of an emergency.

“It is essential in times of an emergency so deputies and other first responders like fire and EMS can quickly locate you when responding to a call for service,” the Sheriff said. “Without a properly displayed address, valuable time could be wasted by trying to locate a person in need.”

The parish ordinance states every property owner shall display in a visible location at least six-inch letters or numbers for the official address for residential properties and a minimum of eight-inch letters for commercial buildings. 

For both residential and commercial buildings, the number also should be additionally placed on both sides of the mailbox, in three-inch lettering, when the box is located on the street. 

The ordinance also applies to all mobile home units, whether on a single lot or within a private mobile home park. Within a private park, the number may be posted on the unit lot. 

According to the ordinance, if at any time a resident and/or property owner does not have the address numbers displayed as required, said property owner and/or resident shall be subject to a $100 fine. Said fine shall be waived if the required numbers are in place within 10 working days of notification from parish government. 

However, if the required numbers are not in place within sixty 60 days of notification, the property owners and or resident shall be subject to $250 fine for each month thereafter.


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