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Possible Green Bridge Paint Colors Being Tested

Contributed by Rep. Ray Garofalo, Jr.

I’m very excited to post this update. 

After years of pushing the DOTD, we can now see positive progress toward rehabilitation of our friend, the Green Bridge (IWGO Paris Rd. Bridge). The GREAT news is that the DOTD confirms that the Green Bridge will DEFINETLY BE REPAINTED GREEN. 

As you can see in the attached photos, the DOTD has prepared test strips of two shades (24260 and 24227). I’ve posted photos of both potential shades in the following stages of preparation: 1) Prepared surface, 2) Primed surface, 3) During application of the top-coat, 4) Final test section, and 5) A close-up of the top-coat. On a related issue, I’ve received numerous inquiries regarding the necessity for the two recent complete closures of the bridge (why were there duplicate two closures), and the necessity for a complete (all lanes) closure. 

DOTD’s response was that the Lidar scans performed during the two closures are critical to the engineering of the rehabilitation project and must be exact. The reason for a complete closure was that any vehicular traffic would cause vibration in the structure that would interfere with the Lidar scanning process, thus no traffic was allowed during the scans. The reason for duplicate closures, was that due to the expansion and contraction of the structure, scans were necessary in both hot, and cold weather. 

Please be patient during the rehabilitation project. As I mentioned in a previous post, there will be closures (partial and full) during the rehabilitation that will cause significant inconvenience. I and my family have experienced this personally and we know how frustrating the closures are. However, in the long term, the closures will be well worth the result of decades of renewed life for the bridge as a result of the project, not to mention the notoriety of our GREEN BRIDGE being green again. 

I want to thank my friends at the DOTD for their continued work toward completion of this greatly needed project, and their responsiveness to my input and inquiries. I will continue to post updates as I receive them. Thank you for your patience with this long-needed project! https://www.facebook.com/RepGarofalo/posts/355566256391937

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