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Parish Officials Appeal to St. Bernard Citizens in Letter

The following letter was written as a public appeal to the citizens of St. Bernard Parish.
Dear Fellow Citizens,
Louisiana courts and associated courthouse offices need your assistance.
In our system of democracy, citizens are called on to participate as voters and as jurors. Recently, citizens voted in record numbers. Now, Courthouse personnel and associated offices throughout our state ask our fellow citizens to similarly respond to calls to serve as jurors.
The right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers is one of the most cherished rights afforded to citizens. Everyday citizens are called on to help their neighbors resolve a disagreement or to determine whether someone is criminally responsible when accused of a crime. Juries utilize their collective common sense to sit in judgment and determine the facts after being instructed on the applicable law by the judge. Juries are empowered to make decisions that are an integral part of our system of justice.
We recognize that during a jury trial the most important people present are jurors. With that in mind, after consultation with Trial Judges, Clerks of Court, Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Civil Attorneys, Parish Governments, the Louisiana State Bar Association, and, most importantly, experts in the relevant medical field, those who are summoned for jury service and those who serve as jurors can be confident that all safety precautions are taken to ensure the health of everyone participating.
Although citizens are required by law to respond to a summons to serve as a juror, judges are sensitive to extraordinary individual circumstances. We are asking that those who can serve, do serve. Your participation is important.
We recognize that we are living in challenging times, but, interestingly, in many areas of the state, citizens have responded recently to the call to jury service in record numbers and virtually all who served expressed confidence in the protocols taken to ensure safety. We are confident that people throughout Louisiana will similarly respond to discharging their civic duty and answer the call to serve as jurors.
With sincere appreciation to the Citizens of St. Bernard Parish, we remain thankful,
• The Judges of the 34th Judicial District Court for the Parish of St. Bernard and Staff
• Clerk of Court, Randy Nunez and Staff
• District Attorney, Perry Nicosia and Staff
• Sheriff, James Pohlmann and Staff
• The Indigent Defender Board and Staff
• The 34th Judicial District Court Bar Association
• Parish President, Guy McInnis, the Parish Council and Staff
• Assessor, Jaylynn Bergeron Turner and Staff

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