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Nunez Pelican Leadership Institute to Focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Contributed by Nunez Community College

The Pelican Leadership Institute professional development series is set to continue at Nunez Community College during the Spring 2022 semester with a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). 

Nunez Chancellor Dr. Tina Tinney has championed the push for DEI initiatives among students, faculty and staff since arriving at the college in 2018. Nunez’s prioritizing of these matters aligns with the efforts of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System to provide affordable education and fulfilling workspaces in an environment that values diversity of thought and experience from individuals of all races, ages, genders and sexual identities. 

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are principles that are necessary in today’s academic and business world and will be, not only necessary, but absolutely critical in the years to come,” said Dr. Tinney. “Understanding that, it is our responsibility as an educational institution to begin working toward these goals on behalf of our community. The conversations must start here and now.” 

This semester’s Pelican Leadership Institute (PLI) will again offer four hour-long presentations in the Nunez Auditorium. PLI was conceived primarily as a professional development tool for the benefit of Nunez’s students, faculty and staff, but the public is encouraged to participate.  

Presenters will include The Slone Group and Dima Ghawi.  

The Slone Group is a minority-owned organizational development and training firm based in Metairie that specializes in professional facilitation, strategic planning, education and workforce consulting to businesses and youth. 

Dima Ghawi is a Jordanian-raised academic and author who traveled the world before settling in New Orleans. She combines her extensive personal experiences with empirical data to illustrate the benefits of global-mindedness and empathy in corporate and academic spaces. 

The sessions will be offered one Friday each month from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will include: 

• The Slone Group frames DEI work, including “The Big Picture,” terminology and definitions, external and internal work in a session that took place on Feb. 11.

• March 11 – The Slone Group — a continuing conversation on the concepts and ideas presented in the previous session factoring in audience feedback. 

• April 8 – Dima Ghawi — Dima presents “How to Create a Culture of Inclusion,” focusing on three areas identified through workplace surveys and interviews conducted across a variety of organizations. The focal areas include: 1. Providing insight into what employees need to feel welcomed and included, 2. Managing change and creating a courageous culture, 3. Structuring and utilizing Employee Resource Groups to provide a support network and educational opportunities while increasing awareness across the company. 

• May 6 – Dima Ghawi — Dima’s presentation addresses “How to Overcome Resistance to DEI” by deconstructing conscious and unconscious biases and providing tools to expand DEI to all levels of an organization. 

  Contact Nunez for registration information: Nunez.edu. 

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