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McInnis Pens Open Letter to Parish Residents

Parish President Guy McInnis recently wrote the following letter to the residents of St. Bernard Parish.   

To the Citizens of St. Bernard Parish:

Recent studies have shown St. Bernard Parish to be the fastest growing parish in the State of Louisiana over the last 10 years.  We all know that with growth comes prosperity and challenges. 

As your President, it is my job to represent every resident, lead our community and face all challenges head on.   My goal is to continue the momentum while maintaining our sense of community and our way of life. 

Today, I’ve sent a resolution to the St. Bernard Parish Council requesting their support in acquiring property for the development of Parks and Recreation Facilities, including but not limited to all or portions of that certain property known as the Sinclair Tract, properties owned by Borgnemouth Realty Company, LTD, and any other properties necessary for the development of said facilities. 

This acquisition will pay dividends by attracting jobs, businesses and increasing property values. It will also provide opportunities for current and future generations to prosper and continue experiencing that sense of community that we’ve come to know and love.


                         Guy McInnis

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