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Luna Delivers Powerful Speech About Where Parish Monies Go

Photo Courtesy of Robby Showalter

(Pictured, l-r): Ellis Fortinberry; Howard Luna, St. Bernard Parish Councilman and Kiwanis Member; Judge Billy McGoey and Kiwanis President Jeff Southernland.

Contributed by Michael Chutz

The Kiwanis meeting on June 22, 2021, had Howard Luna, St. Bernard Parish Councilman & Kiwanis Member who gave a PowerPoint Presentation, “Your Money and Where Does It Go?”

It was on the Funds coming into our Parish from Taxes, Local, State & Federal, to the cost of running Departments. Many of our ad valorem property tax fund’s are dedicated to projects like, fire protection, council on aging, recreation, road district. Road lighting, public health and garbage district.

Some of these expenses are not fully funded and are supplemented by our general funds.

“They have one tough job balancing the budget for our beloved Parish and at many times thankless” said a few members. Sales Tax 4.45% to Louisiana and 5% to St. Bernard, 1.5% General Fund, 2% School Board, 0.5% to each Sanitation, Sheriff’s Office and Watering & Sewage.

Please Contact Councilman Luna for this Presentation to be put on for your Organization.

Kiwanis would like to thank Howard Luna for this informative presentation and welcome him to our Kiwanis Organization.

Kiwanis meets every Tuesday at noon in Rocky and Carlo’s – Sicilian Room. Join us for fellowship and great speakers.

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