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Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard, 24 Scholarship Checks

At the July 27th meeting of the Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard, 24 scholarship checks totaling $27,300 were presented to students attending college for the fall semester. Kiwanis/Bienvenu Key Club Scholarship: Bradley Gioia (2021), Quynh Tran (2020), Scotty Thornton (2019), My Ling Hoang (2018). Kiwanis/Gulf Coast Key Club Scholarship: Scott Troung (2021). The Spirit of St. Bernard Foundation Scholarship: Jaydon Green (2021), Truc Hoang (2020), Diamond Tate (2019), and Mattie Zimmer (2018). The Spirit of St. Bernard/Jacquelyn & Lynn Dean Scholarship: Chloe Bordelon (2021), Reggie Bergeron (2021), Emma Nunez (2021), Madison Roig (2021), and Gary Sanrock III (2021). An Bui (2020), Logan Dusang (2020), Kaleigh Hume (2020), Trace Sweeney (2021), Emily Zepeda (2021), Emily Vu (2019), Alyssa Schell (2019), Matthew Nata (2019), Abigale Licciardi (2019), and Courtney Prattini (2019).

Photo Courtesy of Robby Showalter

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