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Kawanis Nov. 1, 2021 Meeting

Photo Courtesy of Michael Pechon

(Pictured, l-r): Michael McNabb, Kiwanian, Christine Koepp, St. Bernard-Arabi Kiwanis President, Michael P. Morel, Director of St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Food Service Program, and Judy Hoffmeister, Kiwanian. On Nov. 1, 2021 the Director of the St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Food Service Program, Mike Morel, came to the St. Bernard-Arabi Kiwanis weekly meeting and gave a presentation that discussed his job and how he got there. Morel talked about the importance and some of the procedures involved in purchasing and providing meals for the 4,000+ students in the parish’s public schools. Just as interesting, though, was his previous experience as a Chef at the White House for Presidents Obama and Trump. That got him the most questions.

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