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FNA League Provides Fun and Action

Britt DeBlonde in action.

Photo by FNA League

By Todd Nunez

The 2021 Football N America league is a very exciting flag football league in Chalmette. There are three divisions: Grades 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6.

The First/Second grade division was made up of the Green Wave (8-0-1), Ragin Cajuns (5-2-1), Seminoles (3-6) and Tigers (0-8). The Green Wave finished in first place. Kelly Dier, Nick Fazzio and Matt Voebel were the team coaches. The Green Wave players are Jett Dier, Jase Fazzio, Kaiden Hemelt, Matthew Voebel, Lenny Frazier, Johnny Soulagnet, Luke Taisant, Logan Taisant and Brayden Watson.

The Third/Fourth Grade division was made up of the Hurricanes (9-0), Horned Frogs (7-2), Wolverines (5-4), Gators (3-5), Bulldogs (2-7) and Commodores (0-8). Danny Dorcey was the coach of the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes finished in first place. The players are Jeramiah Sims, Britt DeBlonde, Tahj Dolliole, Jacob Dark, Elijah Lowe, Roman Appel, Isaiah Scott, Darell Regua and Brenton Hingle.

The Fifth/Sixth Grade Division was made up of the Hurricanes (8-2), Blue Devils (7-2), Bulldogs (6-2), Tigers (2-6-1), Horned Frogs (1-6-1) and Green Wave (1-7-0). The Hurricanes finished in first place. The team coaches are Allen Cox, Danny Dorcey and B.J. Heidel. The players are Jeremiah Sims, Bryce Hingle, Brock Melancon, Ty Heidel, Jaxon Bastoe, Randell Journee, Donte Turner, Brayden Carpenter, Kenyen Scott and Nicholas Leblanc.

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