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CORE Louisiana Continues to Help Parish Residents With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues

CORE is a private group practice of licensed mental health and substance abuse providers based in St. Bernard Parish. Photo Courtesy of Louisiana Counseling and Recovery Center.

By Todd Ragusa

Anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and other mental health issues are more common than many people might imagine. In fact, a recent survey by the National Center for Health Statistics found nearly 42% of U.S. adults experience symptoms of anxiety or depression. These figures mark a significant spike during the pandemic, which caused physical, financial, social, and emotional strain for many.

“People are in need of mental health treatment now, perhaps, more than ever before,” said Nicole Goldin, the founder and CEO of CORE: Louisiana Counseling and Recovery Center, LLC, a private group practice of licensed mental health and substance abuse providers based in Chalmette. “We opened our doors amid the pandemic and almost immediately began offering private online video appointments, so that people could participate in sessions from the safety and comfort of their homes.

“We continue to offer HIPAA compliant telehealth counseling sessions, and we’re seeing more and more people face-to-face in our office too,” she said.

Goldin, a bilingual Licensed Addiction Counselor, Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor, and Board-Certified Music Therapist, manages a team of counselors and social workers that offers holistic mental healthcare. Through a variety of approaches, therapies, and services, CORE helps patients achieve their goals and overcome the challenges associated with depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, and trauma.

“We’ve built a practice to accommodate virtually anyone in Louisiana,” said Goldin. “Everyone is faced with life’s challenges from time to time, and we could all use support when we’re struggling. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or addiction, counseling can help.”

She says that counseling can be an empowering step forward for many people and has long-term, transformative results. “Through counseling, people gain tools, self-awareness, and techniques that serve them for the rest of their lives,” she said.

She added that in addition to traditional therapies, CORE offers alternative therapies such as Music Therapy and Play Therapy.

Last summer, this substance abuse and mental health practice was selected by a panel of judges as the grand prize winner of the sixth-annual Startup St. Bernard presented by the Meraux Foundation and St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation.

Goldin says winning the competition gave her company a big boost.  “The prize package helped us open our office at 306 W. Judge Perez Dr., and the in-kind services and the networking opportunities are what made the prize package truly valuable,” she said. “Even though we were new to the Parish, the community welcomed us with open arms and never hesitated to voice their needs for mental health and substance abuse in the Parish. We are here, and we are ready to help.”

CORE accepts most insurance plans and sees patients three-years old and up.

Sessions are available by appointment and can be booked online at mycorecenter.com or by phone at 504-656-HEAL (4325).

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