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CHS Class of 2021 Awards Night

Superintendent Doris Voitier presents senior Dallas Blackmore with the Joseph Accardo Scholarship.

Photo Courtesy of St. Bernard Parish School District

Contributed by St. Bernard Parish School District

The best and brightest of the Chalmette High School Class of 2021 gathered together on April 19 for the school’s annual Senior Awards Night; a night in which about 70 seniors were recognized for their hard work, awarded over a million dollars in scholarship money, and named as coveted Golden Owls for their class. While all of the scholarships and awards are outstanding, a few of the awards given were of particular prestige.

Five seniors will join the ranks of an elite group of 19 other CHS graduates as distinguished Posse scholars — a scholarship opportunity awarded to only 50 local students each year and valued at over $1 million. Those students are Kine Buie, Melanie Corral, Jedelle Lafuente, Angel Lee, and Arianna Rojas.

Another notable honor is that of the CHS Faculty Awards — scholarships funded and chosen by faculty members for students who have exemplified academic excellence and leadership in their years as Owls. This year’s recipients include Chloe Bordelon, Ashley Dourrieu, Briana Dore, Jordan Johnson, Adaline Palmisano, Arianna Rojas, Darlina Tran, Scott Truong, and Madison Roig.

To culminate the scholarship announcements, the Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation announced its 60 scholarship winners for the class of 2021 — the recipients of this award each receive $1,000 per year for four years for a total gift of $240,000.

This year’s Meraux Foundation scholars are Benjamin Allen, Adriana Badillo, Haleigh Bergeron, Kailey Bergeron, Daniela Bermudez, Dallas Blackmore, Gamaya Blanding, Chloe Bordelon, Alexandria Bradley, Breanna Bradley, Brooke Brandt, Kine Buie, Kayla-Tham Can, Tyler Carreras, Christian Carrion Zuniga, Melanie Corral, Alexander Cox, Paul Cusimano, Jason Danna, Tassmin Dayoub, Brianna Dore, Ashley Dourrieu, Anthony Edenfield, Leigh Erazo, Appolonia Espiritu, Alondra Fermin, Le’Neice Fortenberry, Kennedi Fraise, Izaebella Garcia, Caitlyn Gifford, Ethan Gilchrist, Bradley Gioia, Madelyn Guerra, Zaraiah Harvey, Alyssa Hummel, Emma Jacob, Lawrence Jenkins, Jedelle Lafuente, Belle Landry, Angel Lee, Mercy Maldonado Lendos, Kayla Melerine, Scott Melerine, Maci Miller, Phuc Nguyen, Emma Nunez, Emma Powell, Leflore Press, Kayleigh Richardson, Alaina Riess, Madison Roig, Ariana Rojas, Dakota Sievers, Marco Spicuzza, Darlina Tran, Katie Tran, Scott Truong, Alyssa Volante, Joy Wang, and Cayden Winslow.

And as is tradition since 1989, senior class sponsor and English teacher Tom Dugger ended the night with the announcement of the Golden Owls, an honor exclusively chosen by faculty nominations and voting and the most coveted title a senior can be awarded. This year’s 14 Golden Owls are Dallas Blackmore, Chloe Bordelon, Melanie Corral, Ashley Dourrieu, Noor Gaber, Ethan Gilchrist, Jedelle Lafuente, Kayla Melerine, Emma Nunez, Adaline Palmisano, Ariana Rojas, Dakota Sievers, Katie Tran, and Joy Wang.

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