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Chalmette Refining official thankful for Parish Council’s Recent Decision

Contributed by Chalmette Refining

The St. Bernard Parish Council recently approved a tax exemption for local industry called the Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP).

“The entire refinery workforce thanks every member of the St. Bernard Parish Council for their unanimous support of our Industrial Tax Exemption for a potential Renewable Diesel Unit here at Chalmette Refining, as well as Council President Guy McInnis for endorsing the proposed project,” said Steven Krynski, refinery manager, PBF Energy Chalmette Refinery. “We also want to thank St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Pohlmann for formally approving our ITEP Application.”

Krynski said green energy projects like the one Chalmette Refining is considering can help create stability for our workforce, add value to our facility, and broaden opportunities for future investments. “As we continue conversations with potential investors and compete against other sites across the country, this visible demonstration of support from local officials and community members here in St. Bernard Parish is invaluable. The Parish Council’s vote and Sheriff Pohlmann’s approval are welcome steps forward in the selection process for making this potential major investment a reality here in our community,” he said.


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