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Battle for the Bayou a Huge Success

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, a vocal supporter of the SLC, along with St. Bernard Redfish Queen Megan Assavedo and Councilwoman Kerri Callais.

Photos Courtesy of The Save Louisiana Coalition

Contributed by The Save Louisiana Coalition

Hundreds gathered at the Frederick Sigur Civic Center in Chalmette recently for the 8th annual “Battle for the Bayou” fundraiser. The Save Louisiana Coalition (SLC), a coastal advocacy group, hosts this event every year to raise funds in support of their mission. 

The event featured food from some of the best restaurants in the area, including fried seafood from Acme Oyster House, and signature dishes from Meme’s Restaurant, Drago’s, Charlie’s Restaurant, Rocky & Carlos, Hooters, and Crave. 

St. Bernard Council Chairwoman, Kerri Callais, who is also the host of the event said, “We could not be more pleased with the turnout of this event, we have had to miss the last two years because of Covid, and our supporters certainly made up for it Saturday night. It was by far the most successful event we have had to date.”  

There was a silent auction including guided hunts, artwork, and charter trips from the top captains in St. Bernard. Entertainment was provided by Junior and Sumtin’ Sneaky, whose swamp pop kept the crowd on the dance floor all night.

Proceeds from the event will be used to advocate for the responsible restoration of our coast while protecting our local economy, marine mammals, and Louisiana’s seafood industry. The SLC, led by Capt. George Ricks, states it’s main focus is to demonstrate the harm that will be caused by the large scale river diversions in the state’s master plan, and to advocate for those projects to be replaced with dredging and marsh creation projects. 

Saturday night advanced the group’s ability to continue that mission, but most importantly it was a celebration. A celebration of a culture and a heritage that makes us uniquely Louisiana. A culture and a heritage that is worth saving.

Guests packing the dance floor for Junior and Sumtin’ Sneaky.

Silent auction winner Christi Lovell and photographer Troy Barrios.

Councilwoman Kerry Collins and St. Bernard Redfish Queen Megan Assavedo.

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