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About St. Bernard Post

The St. Bernard Parish Post was founded by Kenneth A. Zulli, Sr., in November 2011. Today, Zulli remains the FREE newspaper’s publisher, but Good Graces, LLC owns the periodical. Zulli was born in St. Bernard Parish and began The St. Bernard Parish Post because he didn’t think St. Bernard Parish residents were being heard the way they should be. That has been the way the paper has operated since 2011, and that is the way it will continue to operate. It’s a paper of the people, not the “powers that be.” Along the way, there has been pushback from people who think they control the way things are done in St. Bernard Parish. One major criticism from those people is that the paper doesn’t look like all the other papers in St. Bernard. That was done purposely to signal to its readers that The St. Bernard Parish Post is not like all the rest. And that people who are not part of the “powers that be” can have their say so, too.