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AASA Donates to St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Through the Helping Kids Mini-Grant Program

Contributed by St. Bernard Parish Public Schools

Through its Helping Kids Mini-Grant program, AASA, The School Superintendents Association, recently donated funds to the St. Bernard Parish Public School System in support of students and families in need. 

The premier association for school system leaders, AASA has provided funds to more than 100 school systems to support the urgent health/mental health, social service, academic, and related needs of those impacted by natural disasters this year. 

St. Bernard Parish Public Schools used this generous donation to augment the sensory therapy rooms housed in each of its 12 schools. These settings provide an extra layer of support for stressed or overwhelmed students by stimulating visual, auditory, and olfactory senses, helping them to calm down and focus. 

The purchase includes social-emotional learning boxes for all elementary schools, bean bag chairs that can be used during therapy sessions to promote body awareness, bilateral coordination, and gross motor coordination, and buckets of fidgets to relieve stress and re-channel restless energy. 

Cheramie Kerth, Supervisor of Special Education for St. Bernard Parish Public Schools, said the funding from the mini-grant program was used to meet the unique needs of our entire student population.

“One of the best things about these additional funds is that the tools purchased are available to all of our students in all of our schools,” Kerth said. “AASA truly advocates for equitable access for all students and this generous donation is a perfect example of that focus.”

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